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1/5/19 PSHE - Compliments

In PSHE, we have been thinking about the changes over the next few months. We first made a list of things that will change and thinks that will stay the same.

For example:

  • Changes: school, lessons, structure of our day, teachers, uniform, friends (lose old friends an dmake new friends), increase in homework, our appearance and our emotions.
  • Stay the same: Family, personality, memories, friends (some!), home, hobbies & activities.


After this, we thought about how we make friends and this let to a discussion about compliments. We were each given four sticky notes to write anonymous compliments to someone in our class and then Mrs Shakespeare handed them out. We copied these onto a 'Compliments' sheet so we would remember them. This was such a good activity and it was lovely to see what people think about us!


Remember: Try to give one compliment everyday... it makes people feel amazing! :)