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We have been thinking about Jungle animals and this is a brilliant story to get us moving like animals.  


Think about how all the different animals move and try to have a go.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25_u1GzruQM 

What other animal moves can you do? 


Elmer is my favourite elephant because of all of the bright colours, can you think of other animals and what colours and patterns they have. Have a go at drawing or creating your own.  Here are some examples, the pattern on a snakes skin, or the spots on a ladybird, the stripes on a tiger, or the swirl on a snails shell.  


Handprints are a great way of creating your own animals, draw around your hand, or use paint to make your hand print and see what animal you can create.  There are lots of ideas online, see which one is your favourite.  


Send your pictures in, I love to see them!!