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Explorers- Food to survive!

How to survive in Antartica!

Yesterday we learning about the famous explorer Robert Falcon Scott who in 1912 went on a famous expedition to reach the South Pole. Sadly, the mission didn't end well. 

In 2013, two British explorers recreated the journey that Scott took. Here is a video explaining the planning for their journey.  



Once you understand a little more about the long journey they went on and how it took 10 years of planning to complete now have a watch of this video about the food they had to eat!


1. Plan a meal that you would typically eat whilst out on an expedition. Why did you choose those foods? Draw a picture of the foods you choose and label with the reasons you chose them!

2. Have a go at cooking one of the meals from your plan! Share it with your family and the pretend to go on an expedition around your house. What problems might you face on the way! Video yourself on your expedition and send it in! Don't forget to wrap up warm!

Enjoy the life of an Explorer this afternoon!


What's on the menu in Antarctica - Polar Food