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Friday has always been a favourite day of ours at Riverside. We had Stay and Play, Forest school and GOLDEN TIME !!!


Today I would like you to hold your own Golden Time at home ! Find something at home that you really like and do a show and tell for someone at home . Remember to start off with introducing yourself and then telling your audience what you have got for golden time . Then the audience ask questions about the chosen object - is it your favourite ? Where did you get it ? What does it do ?

It would be really cool if you took a short video and sent them in so your friends could see your golden time too !


PARENTS : Download ZOOM . It is an app available on most devices and enables you to have a secure video chat . We will be having a class zoom session on Monday next week so please download it and further details will be given on Monday .


Maths : Adults if you could find 20 small objects in your house ( suggestions : 20 pieces of pasta , 20 buttons , 20 grapes etc).

Today we are going to match ‘number to quantity’. This helps children to understand that a number represents a value or an amount . 
Step 1: adult to model/ show counting the items out in a line slowly one at a time, each time you place an item down and say the number aloud place the correct number card below that item .

once you have counted out all of your 20 items , you should have a line of your items with the numbers in a line underneath.

Step 2: support your child to count the items with you using their finger to touch one at a time . 
Step 3: change up the amount of items in the line but ensure that the number card for how many there are left remains, for example if you have seven grapes make sure 1-7 are underneath. Support them to count how many there are and look at the matching number .

Step 4: give the number cards to your child . This time when you change up the amount , the child needs to count and find the matching number themselves . Start with smaller numbers and get bigger as they grow more confident !


PS don’t forget to use your school jam accounts too ! :)


Phonics : join in Ruth Miskin’s phonics lessons on YouTube


PE: Cosmic Kids Yoga https://m.youtube.com/user/CosmicKidsYoga

i recommend Squish the Fish !


Have a lovely weekend and don’t forget to download Zoom!