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Friday 3rd April

Dress up for your PE lesson today! send in pictures of your outfits :)

Keep Active 

Here's an action video for you to try, make sure you sing along! :)




Have another go at your bean diary today, how much has your bean grown? Have a go at measuring it?  If you don't have a ruler what can you use to measure how tall it is growing? 



Children need to practise counting to 20, have a look at these videos and listen carefully to the numbers, support your child in noticing the teen numbers, thirteen not thirty, fourteen not forty.  





Which is your favourite? 


Family time 

Spent some time with your family talking about feelings, how do you feel? What can you do to make each other happy? Draw a picture of something you do with your family that makes you happy.  



Can you find an empty bottle and decorate it, ask an adult to cut the bottle at the bottom and turn it into a bird feeder you can hang outside.