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Literacy Activities


A) This term we are going to be learning about animals and specifically Jungle Animals. If you already have a copy at home, read the story of 'Monkey Puzzle' with your child. If not, visit YouTube and watch/listen to the story here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgeKHjLSQUM. Look at the animals with your child and compare how similar or different they look to the monkey who is looking for his mum.


B) Re read the story and think about the animals in the stories and what their babies are called and what they look like. If you aren't sure use the internet to find out and do your research. Draw a picture fo the monkey with his mum and dad , have a go at writing their names (monkey/mum/dad) Encourage your child to look at the sizes of their drawings and think about who is the biggest or smallest.


C) Writing a sentence, have a go at writing this sentence at home :

I have lost my mum.

Support your child to remember what tricky words I and my look like, using the names of the alphabet to spell them.

Support your child to use phonics to sound out the words 'have, lost, mum'.

Remind them that a full stop comes at the end of a sentence.


D)Write a list of descriptive sentences helping the monkey to find his mum.

For example:

She is big

She is brown

She has a long tail

Support your child to spell tricky word she using the letter names of the alphabet.