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Welcome to Week 4 of Maths home learning .

This week we are going to be looking at ‘Counting on’. This is where children learn to count on from a given number to find the answer, rather than always starting back from one at the beginning .


What you will need: Number cards one to ten , A number line , A dice ( If you do not have a dice , you can draw the dice faces on paper squares instead )


* To print a number line , visit Twinkl and type number line into the search bar 

* To create a number line , draw a line using a ruler and mark numbers one to ten evenly across the line ( a bit like you see on the ruler ) 

* To make number cards , cut out squares of paper or card and write one number from one to ten on each square .


Activity :

A) Count from 1-10. Then have a go at starting from different numbers and counting up to 10 eg start at 2, then 4, then 7. Support your child to think what number comes next when they are counting on and not starting from the beginning .

B) Lay your number cards out from one to ten on the floor or on a flat surface like a table. Ask your child to find a small toy . Follow these steps :

* Ask your child to place their toy on number two . Then roll the dice or choose a number . Ask your child to move the toy that many steps on to the different numbers and see where they land . 
For example : Toy starts on 2, you roll a 3, they land on 5. 
Talk it through with your child and repeat using several different starting points .