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Welcome to Week Five of Maths learning . In school we have been learning to count on and count back - this helps children to understand addition and subtraction more easily .


This week we are going to be focusing on counting back. You will need a number line like in the previous lessons to support your child with the activities . You can find examples of number lines online but if you create a Twinkl account you will be able to download and print one.

A) Play the Top Marks Helicopter game ( Counting back , between 1 and 10) . Listen for the instructions and count back to find the answer. 



B) Count back from 10 to 1. Support your child to write the numbers in order counting back starting at 10 and continuing to 1.


C) Using a number line to count back , answer the following questions .


1- Count back 2 from 8

2- Count back 2 from 5

3- Count back 3 from 9

4- Count back 3 from 6


D) Play this subtraction game to consolidate this weeks learning .