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Good morning everyone! Welcome to Monday morning's home learning.


Start your day off with your phonics lesson. These can be found on the designated phonics page on the school website. Here you will find plans and instructions for teaching your child phonics. 


Read the story of 'Mouse's Adventure' in the file above. Read the story and complete the tasks on Page 5. Discussing the story with your child.


Maths- addition. We have done lots of work on counting and recognising numbers. At the start of the home learning period we looked at addition practically. Today, we are going to have a go at solving written addition problems. Follow these steps:

1) Collect six items to use as a support for the addition.

2) Show your child this addition problem and talk it through : 1+ 2 = 3

e.g one plus two equals three, use your items to model what this represents eg one apple plus two more apples equals three apples all together

3) Try the following addition problems, supporting your child to write the problem, say the problem and solve the problem.


1 + 3 =

2 + 2 =

1 + 4 =

3 + 1 =

3 + 3 =


When you have completed these activities, go out and enjoy the sunshine