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Monday 30th March

Daily Home Learning for Year 3 - 23.03.2020


TASK 1 Maths


Go to https://corbettmathsprimary.com/5-a-day/ Find today’s date and complete the bronze challenge.  If you are struggling with division remember 62 ÷ 2 means how many groups of 2 are there in 20? You can count in 2s.

Dividing by 2 is also the same as halving a number. Hint: What is half of 60? What is half of 2? 


If you need an extra challenge you could try the silver challenge too (It has a tricky question which involves decimals which we haven’t covered in Year 3). The answers are available on the same page of the website.


If you find the task tricky you could practice your multiplication tables by completing the Easter Egg colouring downloadable below.


Go to  Hit The Button and play The Number Bonds game – Make 20.




  • Share a story together. This could be a chapter book where you read and discuss a chapter or log into getepic.com and use a digital book.
  • Read to an adult and discuss what you have read. Do not forget to read with expression and intonation.

Mrs Mastrilli is enjoying reading The Rainbow Crow at the moment.



TASK 2 Writing/SPAG


Look carefully at the picture and write your responses in your workbook.




Choose an activity to complete from the Spring Term home learning grid.


TASK 4 Let’s Create/Let’s Play/Let’s Help


Have a go at drawing a T-Rex. Follow this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nftijU3On2M

This is Mrs Mastrilli’s attempt! I bet you can do better.

Be active!

Have you joined in with Joe Wick’s workout with your family?  It’s great fun!



Stay calm!

Peace Out – Guided meditation on your own or with your family.