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Reception Information - September 2021




Dear Reception 2021 Parents and Carers,


A warm welcome to our school and to Maple and Mulberry Classes.


In order to make the transition from the nursery setting to school as smooth as possible for all, parents and children, the following transition plan between now and your child starting will be put in place.


  • A welcome pack will be sent to you by the beginning of June.  The welcome pack contains school forms, information about ordering lunch, uniform and more!
  • We will continue to update our school website, so that you get the latest information and have a way on contacting us or ask us questions.  Our website is www.riversideprimaryschool.org.uk.  Please log on and look at our tab headed Reception 2021.
  • During June and July, we will make contact with your child’s current setting and exchange information.  I expect this will be by telephone in this current situation.
  • During July, we normally hold transition visits for your child to spend time in Maple and Mulberry classrooms.  We understand that it is so important for us to meet your child and for them to experience being in our classroom, play with the resources, and meet the other children to help everyone relax and gain confidence.  However, due to current circumstances we will aim to send you photographs of our setting so that your child can become familiar with the layout and some faces that they will see on a regular basis.
  • In July we are hoping to hold a meeting for parents and carers.  This is an opportunity for us to let you know more about Maple and Mulberry routines, delivering the curriculum, caring for your child and communication with you.  We know that starting school is a very big step for everyone and during this meeting many questions are answered.


We aim to offer the best transition process we can, given the current circumstances and we will endeavour to offer all of the above possible wherever we can.  We will update you as to when and how these can take place.


It would be great if you could help your child by encouraging them to be ‘school ready’.  Ideas can be found at https//www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/collections/starting-primary-school/1


Take care for now and I look forward to meeting you all soon.


Best wishes


Mrs Cindy Dawson

Foundation Stage Leader



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Please click on the pdf file below to learn all about Reception at Riverside Primary School and Nursery.