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The sun is shining and I hope you have a wonderful day.  


Start your day with your phonics group.  I hope you have joined in every day and are practising your sounds.  

Have a listen to the tricky word song today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R087lYrRpgY and see if you can write some of the words too.  



Today I would like you to think about the story you started yesterday, after eating all that food your character has a tummy ache, what will they do?  Today I would like you to write a few sentences about how your character felt after eating, and what they did. 

Remember to use capital letters and full stops in your writing.  

I can't wait to see the story you have written, parents please email in pictures of their writing.  



We have been talking about shapes this week, it's time to get creative.   Follow the link and have a go at making some shape pictures.  


Have a go at collecting some items from around the home to play a bowling game.  This could be empty toilet rolls, plastic cups, or something you find at home, roll a ball towards them and see if you can say the number sentence.  (How many you had at the beginning, takeaway how many you knocked over or moved, and how many are still left standing.  Can you write it, and keep a record of who wins.)  



Have a go at drawing a picture today of you and your school friends, write a little message to them and Miss Peat will put your pictures on the website for everybody to see.   I can't wait to see your pictures.