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Thursday 2nd April

Keep Active

Joe Wicks has been doing lots of fun activities in his PE lesson, who joined in singing Shotgun yesterday? Ask an adult take some photos of you joining in, Miss Peat and Miss Shepherd want to see you all joining in.  



We miss reading books to you at school, Spend some time at home reading your favourite books, can you draw a picture of the characters and the setting!  Remember to write the title of the book on your picture.  :)  



Look back at Tuesdays maths activity to make sure you have some number cards.  Using the number cards you have made can you make number sentences with them and count the spots you have drawn to work out the answer, see if you can write your number sentences.  E.G 3+6= 


Cooking and Baking  

I love cooking and baking, can you make something yourself, a sandwich, cake, chocolate nest and share the recipe with your friends.  Draw pictures of what you did, and write simple instructions.  If you email photos to Miss Peat and Miss Shepherd we can share the recipe with your friends.   



Make sure you have a go at your phonics lesson! Then have a go at matching the pictures to the words with this phonics game. 




Below is a link to youtube videos to help your children learn new sounds.  Watch and support them to join in with blending the sounds together.  



9:30am & 12:30pm         Set 1 Sounds

10:00am & 1:00pm         Set 2 Sounds 

10:30am & 1:30pm         Set 3 sounds