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Good morning ! Happy Tuesday 😊


Start your day off with your phonics lessons .


Revisit the story of the mouse and work your way through the second task . If you missed yesterday’s activity please read the PDF on Monday’s page with the attached story .


Continue on from yesterday with addition , talking through the addition problems using language such as : First we had ......, then we added ........... more , now how many do we have altogether ?

Linking this to the addition number sentence using language of add/plus and equals .

solve these next few addition problems :


2 + 3 = 

1 + 4 =
5+ 0 =
4 + 1 =
3 + 2 =

Can they spot the pattern ? What do all of these problems have in common ?

if your child writes a number incorrectly , model and show them the correct way to write it and practise it a few times .


PSE: Take some photos of your favourite things in your house - favourite toy , favourite place , favourite colour . Talk about these together - why are they your favourite , are they special ? Send us in some photos of you with your favourite things in your home .