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Tuesday 31st March

Home Learning Day Year 3


Daily Home Learning for Year 3 - 31.03.2020


TASK 1 Maths-  Use your work books


Using a ruler draw and label the following lines accurately:


  1. 11cm.
  2. 15mm
  3. 8cm 4mm
  4. 6cm


Solve these length number sentences (Top Tip: convert to the same unit of measure):


  1. 11cm + 15mm =
  2. 6mm – 2mm =
  3. 1m 10cm + 20cm =
  4. 608mm – 4cm =


Go on TTRockstars https://play.ttrockstars.com/auth/school/student and complete  5 Garage activities.



  • Share a story together. This could be a chapter book where you read and discuss a chapter or log into getepic.com and use a digital book.
  • Read to an adult and discuss what you have read. Do not forget to read with expression and intonation.


TASK 2 Writing/SPAG


Read the newspaper article.


In your work books, write:

  1. Three things you have learnt from the article.
  2. Two things you would like to research after reading the article.
  3. 1 thing you liked about the article.



TASK 3 – Choose an activity to complete from the Spring Term home learning grid.




TASK 4 Let’s Create/Let’s Play/Let’s Help


Choose a book title act it out in front of your family, see how many can they guess? Keep a tally to see who guesses the most and wins the game.


Be active!


Have you joined in with Joe Wick’s workout with your family?  It’s great fun!



Stay calm!

Peace Out – Guided meditation on your own or with your family.