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How does the story end ? Send in your ideas to your teachers email address , maybe record a short video and send it in !

Good Morning ! Happy Wednesday ! It is supposed to be a lovely warm day today 🌝.



We have counted up to ten , looked at one more and one less  and had a sneak peak at addition and subtraction previously .

We are going to move on to BIG numbers and for today’s activity I would like you to make number cards from 1-20 so we can use them for the rest of our Maths activities moving forward . If you have card , great ! If not , use paper or the paper in the books that you were given at the end of school. Cut out 20 squares and write one number in each square .


Understanding the world 

A little experiment today ! With the weather being lovely and warm today I want you to find something that can ‘melt’. Encourage your child to be as independent as possible with this. Support them to think about what they might have in the house that could melt in the heat . ( Ice, butter , cheese, chocolate ). Place something that can melt onto a plate and put it in a warm place - either outside or on the window sill in direct sun light . How long does it take to melt ? Would it melt faster if it was hotter ? What if it was cold outside ? What is the same ? What is different ? Consider what has and has not changed.


Wake up Shake up

P.E with Joe Wicks is great but it’s good to mix it up a little bit . Maple and Mulberry children really enjoy the following exercises found on YouTube :

Lazy Town - Wake up shake up 

Just Dance - Ghostbusters

Just Dance - What does the fox say

Chu Chu Wa Dance

You will be surprised at how well they can join in and know the lyrics !


Finally , I will be uploading a video of me reading a story at 12pm. Have a listen and answer the questions at the end of the video .


please keep sending in your pictures , they will be on the class pages soon !