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Hello everybody, it's Wednesday today!!


Start your day with your phonics, and have a go at writing some of the green words today for an extra challenge.  



Today we are going to be story tellers, think about the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and change the story.   Who will be the character in your story? What will they eat?  

Can you start your story with Once upon a time... choose your animal (this could be a minibeast, a jungle animal, a dinosaur or anything you like)  think of what your animal could eat each day.  

Have a go at writing your story ...  make sure you make a start, we will be adding to it tomorrow.  :) 



Today we are going to have a look at 3D shapes, click on the video and sing along  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guNdJ5MtX1A 

Search around your house for some of these shapes, do you have a dice, a ball, a can, a box? Hold them, and talk about the sides and corners.  How many does it have? Try to use mathematical language to describe the edges.   

Your School Jam account should be sending out a news maths challenge today so have a go at that too! 



Mr Daniels has set everybody a challenge this week, watch his video and see if you can have a go https://www.riversideprimaryschool.org.uk/mr-daniels-section/  think about the patterns you made yesterday and see if you can put patterns on your bunting.  



Collect some items that are different shapes and sizes, on a large piece of paper (or outside with some chalk) draw around them, and see if your adult or sibling can match them up.  Take it in turns and see if everyone can match the items.  


Have a great day.