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Good morning and happy Wednesday :) 


Have a go at something different, take a look at Mr Daniels challenge.  See what picture you can make and send in an email :) 



Parents think of a sentence with words your child can read.  There are some examples, or you can use your own.  Write each word on a piece of paper or card and hide them around the house.   (Use capital letter at the beginning and a full stop at the end to help) Children find and read each word, can you put them in order to make the sentence make sense.  

I can play with my toy.

A cat is big. 

I can smell the food.  

The bus went to the shop.  

Fish and chips is yum.  

Look at the man in the car.  



Using a dice, roll the dice draw the spots, then roll it again, draw the spots again.  Count how many it is altogether.  Can you write the number.  Keep going to see if you can roll every number on the dice.  

Challenge... Can you roll the dice 3 times for each sum.