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It’s Wednesday and it’s going to be another glorious day today ! So today we are going to take our learning outside , if you don’t have a garden make use of any outdoor space that is nearby .


Start your day off with phonics . Using the schools phonics page to support your learning .


Teddy Bear / Toy Picnic

Set yourselves up for lunch outside today ! If you don’t have a blanket use an old towel or bed sheet to lay out your picnic. Encourage your child to take one or two toys with them to join you for the picnic. This is a language activity and one which will build upon your child’s imagination . As the adult model the language and play - asking teddy if they would like a sandwich or a drink . We would love to see your photos of your picnics !

Water play Science!

Grab yourself a large container - a plastic bowl , the washing up bowl, a bucket ... whatever you have that will hold water . Fill it up and take it out into the garden . Children love water play especially on a hot day !

Here are some ideas :

* Put washing up liquid in the water so it makes bubbles and children can wash and clean their dolls , toys , cars 

* Sink and float experiments - what sinks and what floats ?

* Add food dye to the water and watch it change colour

* Add ice cubes to change the temperature and feeling of the water 

* Make potions - add whatever you like to make a magic potion - leaves , flowers , sticks , rice , herbs , lemon- anything !


Lastly , after a long day in the sunshine it’s important to have some down time - find five to ten minutes to relax together somewhere comfortable and read your child a story 😊