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Wednesday Timetable

Year 4 - Home Learning - Wednesday 1st April 2020

Daily Learning


Morning Stop & Check

Have you had breakfast?

Have you made your bed?

Are your teeth brushed?

Be Active

(10 mins)

Do the Wake Up dance!


Maths Warm Up


(15 mins)

TT Rockstars - Play 4 garage games


5 a Day maths. Answer in books


Maths Learning


(15-20 mins)

See your daily maths learning below. Do you remember how to do short multiplication? From what I remember you all were super at it!


(20 mins)

Read your book or go on to ‘get epic.’





(30 mins)

Today we are going to revise what fronted adverbials are. Watch the PowerPoint first and then have a go at the activity. Scroll down to see the Marathon passage too.



Help to make lunch and clear up!

Afternoon Learning

 (25 mins)

Choose an activity from your spring learning grid in the back of your books. Which one will you choose?

Let’s Create

(25 mins)

Make an indoor tent using blankets, furniture, cushions. Turn the lights out and use torches inside the tent. Before you begin ask your parents and promise them you will tidy up afterwards! Send me some photos…I would love to see you!

Movement Break

Have a boogie with ‘Go Noodle.’



Extra Fun!

(Max 30 mins)

If you have finished everything. Try any of the websites in the useful website link at the bottom of the class page

Deed of the Day


(5 mins)

What have you done today that you are proud of? Who have you helped and what did you do? Write it in your book and get that person to sign it!