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Week 1

English Task for Monday 23rd March: Look at these PowerPoints and follow their instructions.

Home Learning Task for 24th March 2020. There are two PowerPoints (Grammar and Literacy) and information text about How to Care for a Chinese Water Dragon.

Literacy 25th March 2020: Grammar. Change these sentences from the personal to impersonal voice and vice versa. Refer to Monday's PowerPoint if you need to.

Literacy 26th March 2020: Planning and Boxing Up your Information Text Writing. Literacy 27th March 2020: Hot Task - Write an Information Text about an aspect of Viking Life. This work can be used to fill out items on your Target Cards, especially the use of Headings and Subheadings.

For Reading Comprehension 23.3.20: Using the skill of inference. It is so important to be able to 'read the mind' of the author when reading a good story. You can 'infer' what the author is trying to say and you will get so very much more out of the story. More to come.

Reading Wednesday 25th March: Go through these short paragraphs and tick the correct answer. The answers are on Page 4, see how many you get right!

Maths assignment for Monday 23rd March 2020

Visit the website Khan Academy. We are going to be moving on to an understanding of decimal number. 


There are 3 videos to explain the topic: Place Value and Decimal Numbers, Relating Decimals and Numbers in Words and Decimals as words. The work is differentiated to go at your own speed. If the work is easy and clear, do all 3. If you need to go over Video 1 a second time, then do so. Write down the value of the underlined number in your home workbook. Answers tomorrow. 


What is the value of the underlined digit in each number?

1. £73.78                                                 5. £9.20

2. £40.92                                                 6. £3.41

3. £30.13                                                 7. £24.17

4. £56.84                                                 8. £18.56

Maths Home Learning for Tuesday 24th March and Wednesday 25th March. You are going to learn how to order decimal numbers. Go through the two PowerPoints on Tuesday and then do the Secret Trails or Ordering numbers worksheet on Wednesday. The Secret Trails activity is quite challenging. SecretTrails.pdf OrderingDecimals.pdf Ordering.pptx ordering_decimals_3dp.ppt For the Secret Trails Activity, you need to add decimal numbers. For example: 0.4 + 0.3 + 0.1 = 0.8. 0.9 + 0.4 + 1.2 = 0.9 + 0.4 = 1.3 (0.9 + 01 = 1 or ten tenths). Now add 1.3 + 1.2 = 2.5. For further information go to the Khan Academy and look up adding decimal numbers.

Maths Home Learning Wednesday 25th March: Look at these 2 great examples that teach you how to order decimal numbers on the PowerPoint and do parts B & C on the handout..

Maths work for 26th March and 27th March 2020: Adding and Subtracting Decimal Numbers. The PowerPoint explains how to do it. There are several worksheets to work through on Thursday and Friday. Have a lovely weekend.

Write in your workbook, which three of the Eightfold 'right' things is most important to you. I want you to really think about it. For example, I think (for me) it is Right Intent. Right Intent requires you to be not be selfish and self-centered. You are not always thinking about yourself and your needs, but you are thinking about other people and what they need. You could also choose Right Speech and write about how powerful words are - either to build somebody up or tear them down. 

History work for Week 23.3.20. King Alfred the Great - What made him 'great?' Go to BBC Bitesize video clip Alfred the Great. Read the bio below and fill out the bio worksheet.

French Lessons from Home: Week 23 March 2020

Visit this YouTube site: Learn French for Kids – Food, Activities and Animals.


Watch 6 minutes of the video each French lesson. Make sure you repeat the words in French and try to remember them.

Write these words in your book with the English meaning, then draw them:

Le soleil                       Le papillon                  Le lapin                       l’arbre                L’oiseau

Learn to create a sentence: I like  (j’aime)/love (j’adore) (plural noun).

J’aime les oiseaux.      J’adore les papillons. 

J’aime les arbres.

Science Activity for Week 23 March 2020.

How do airplanes fly?

What are the four forces at work?

Answer both questions in your book.

This is explained by Dr. Karl (National Geographic Kids):


Now watch this Video on YouTube: How Do Planes Fly?


For some fun games on flight, visit Pete’s PowerPoint Station:


Scroll down until it says ‘For Kids’ and click on the link.

Finally, you can build a paper airplane or helicopter here:


Art Lessons from Home: Week 23 March 2020. Draw a Viking longship with a dragon head on the stem. Choose some Viking images, like the Hammer of Thor and design some jewellery. There are loads of ideas on the PowerPoints!!!