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Writing task

Today's writing task is to write a setting description. We would like you to describe a desert. Have a look at the pictures below to help you with some ideas of different things in the setting you could describe. Remember a really good setting description helps the reader to clearly imagine it in their mind. You need to use lots of adjectives, why not try to use an expanded noun phrase?

In your Active Learn Grammar this week you have been learning about extending sentences and connecting clauses so we would like you to try and use some conjunctions in your writing. 

  Learning Objective: To describe a desert setting 


Writing Card Targets

Working towards the expected standard for Year 3

W4 I can use FANBOYS as conjunctions for some sentences.

Working at the expected standard for Year 3

E5a I can use co-ordinating conjunctions (FANBOYS)

E5b I can use subordinating conjunctions (I SAW A WABUB)



Try to include some of the conjunctions below in your setting description.