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TASK 2 Writing/SPAG


Today’s target - E8 I can use inverted commas.


  1. Watch the video - ‘How to use inverted commas’. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zvwwxnb/articles/ztcp97
  2. Then, have a go at the online activity below the video.
  3. In your work book write today’s date and copy each of these sentences adding in the inverted commas in the correct place.


Remember inverted commas go at the start (“) and the end (“) of the speech.

I’ve done the first one for you.


  1. We went to spain on holiday,” said charlie.
  2. I like to cast wicked spells laughed the evil witch.
  3. I saw the new film at the cinema last week said aqsa.
  4. I has cereal for my breakfast today said mrs asghar.
  5. You go that way whispered james to his friend.
  6. My favourite drink is lemonade pronounced ruby.
  7. Put your pencils done and look this way demanded mrs james.
  8. Little Red Riding Hood mutter I’m going to see my grandmother.


Can you spot the mistake Mrs James has made in her sentences?