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Welcome to Maple Class!

On this page I aim to keep children and families up to date with what we have been and will be learning about. Please do let me know if there is anything else that you would like to see here! 


Important reminders:

  • Odds Farm trip - Tuesday 9th July (Please let your class teacher know if you would like to join as a parent helper)
  • Please ensure your child has a Riverside bookbag at school
  • Their Ready to Read bag should be inside their book bags everyday
  • We are taking donations of socks, underwear or clothes as this would really help support changing children after enjoying their lunchtimes in OPAL!! Thank you!
  • Please make sure your child does not bring in any toys from home
  • Keep your library books inside your book bag every day
  • We kindly request a box of tissues and £5 fund for resources each big term, this is to buy ingredients to make natural playdough, cooking activities and experiences. We also ask for a box of tissues!


class email: mapleclass@riversideprimaryschool.org.uk

Transition information 23-24

W E E K L Y  U P D A T E


Important dates:

Odds Farm trip - Tuesday 9th July


I would first like to thank everyone who was able to join our stay and play yesterday afternoon, the children had a fantastic time! This week we enjoyed the story The Koala who could By Rachel Bright. We have enjoyed koala origami, small world jungle play and practicing writing sentences with capital letters, finger spaces and full stops at the end.


Please find below the tier two words this week’s story:

Tier Two words: 

Word 1: risky 

Word 2: clung (cling, clings, clinging) 

Word 3: adventure 

Word 4: chatter (chattering, chattered) 

Word 5: keen 

Word 6: leap (leaped) 

Word 7: welcoming (welcome, welcomed)



In maths this week we have been focusing on capacity and volume. At home during bath time or when you are washing up, find different sized containers and explore the capacity of water each of them holds. Use the following vocabulary to support your child:

Container vocab - tallest, shortest, thinnest, widest

Capacity vocab - full, almost full, almost empty, empty.


Have a lovely weekend and happy Eid Al Adha to all who will be celebrating


Miss Evmorfopoulos, Mrs Coulthard, Miss Mullins and Mrs Lines :)

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