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Welcome to Maple Class!

On this page I aim to keep children and families up to date with what we have been and will be learning about. Please do let me know if there is anything else that you would like to see here! Here are some dates and reminders:


  • PE days - Tuesday’s and Friday’s
  • Children need a named water bottle and Riverside bookbag in school every day
  • We send home a weekly email with updates and ideas on how you can help your child at home, see below for this week's update and pictures!



Weekly update!

Hi team,


We have enjoyed chatting with you about your child’s progress this week during parents evening. Please ensure you are looking at the EYFS Early Learning Goals sheet that we put with your report as our feedback on what you need to work on is in line with these statements.


This week we have been labeling vikings, enjoying lots of small world play in our castle, junk modelling and writing simple sentences such as ‘this is my viking.’ and ‘He is strong.’ Please find ways to build this into your child’s play at home. If your child is competent with these simple sentences, ask them to write 4 or more sentences to build a story. They should do the writing independently but you can support them with the ordering if they need it. We cannot stress enough how using their imagination is very important in these early stages of your child’s education as it encourages their cognitive and social development. It will influence their ability to create narratives which leads on to creative writing when they go into Year 1 and beyond. Facilitating imaginative play will support critical thinking and problem solving.


We’ve been reading How to be a Viking by Cressida Cowell this week, below is a reading for you to watch at home:

How to be a Viking - Cressida Cowell 


Last week’s vocab is as follows:










Please give your child examples of how to build these words into sentences and then ask them to give an example of how this word can be used for example: ‘I am roaring like a tiger’ or ‘It is so frosty outside that it is making me shiver’. The children need to be developing their language to talk in full sentences in order to demonstrate the skills needed to meet the statements in the Communication and Language section of the Early Learning Goals by the end of the year.


In Maths we have been looking at ‘longer’ and ‘shorter’ and ‘taller’ and ‘shorter’. We have been comparing objects and using non-standard units of measure to work out which objects are longer or shorter, for example footsteps or counting camels. Please look at different things around your home and ask your child to compare two objects/lengths, make a prediction about which item/length they think is longer/shorter and then measure with a non-standard unit of measure to see if your predictions are correct. Please do not use a ruler or standard unit of measure as we have not yet covered this.


Have a lovely weekend!


Miss Evmorfopoulos, Mrs Austin and Miss Stevens smiley 

Listening to your child read - 30/9/21