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Top tips for sharing stories


Ten top tips for reading stories to your child


1. Make reading to your child feel like a treat.  Introduce each new book with excitement.

2. Make it a special quiet time and cuddle up so both of you can see the book.

3. Show curiosity in what you’re going to read:  Oh no!  I think Arthur is going to get even angrier now.

4. Read the whole story the first time through without stopping too much.  If you think your child might not understand something, model an explanation:  Oh I think what’s happening here is that….

5. Chat about the story: I wonder why he did that?  Oh no, I hope she’s not going to…      I wouldn’t have done that, would you?

6. Avoid asking questions to test what your child remembers.

7. Link stories to your own experiences (eg This reminds me of…)

8. Read favourite stories over and over again.  Get your child to join in with the bits they know.

9. Read with enthusiasm.  Don’t be embarrassed to try out different voices.  Your child will love it.

10.Read with enjoyment.  If you’re not enjoying it, your child won’t.