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Dear All

The eggs arrived on Tuesday and by Thursday morning they had hatched.  The children observed them pecking their way out of their shells and could hear them chirping before they could see them.  It was so exciting.  On Friday they had the opportunity to see them out of the container and gently stroke them.

Parents evening was held on Tuesday and Thursday after school.  This was an opportunity to share information on the children who were not new this term. 

The cooking activity this week was to make a 'fruit smoothie'.  The children chopped strawberries, bananas and added them to orange juice.  Then they took turns to operate the blender, by pushing the button.  They noted the change from fruit into a liquid.  It tasted delicious. Mmmmm.

Reminder to donate £5:00 to the nursery fund if you haven't already.  If you have THANK YOU.

Stay safe and enjoy the weekend.

Mrs Dawson





The Nursery Team - Summer Term One 2022

Mrs Dawson - Nursery Teacher - Keyworker Badger Group

Miss Saddique - Nursery Nurse - Keyworker Squirrel Group

Mrs Coulthard - Nursery Nurse - Keyworker Hedgehog Group

Mrs Parvez - TA - Keyworker Rabbit Group

Mrs Guerin - TA - SEN support

Mrs Vasco - TA - 1:1 support


Diary Dates:

9th May - Chicks - eggs arrive at nursery

25th/26th May - Farm visiting the school *

27th May - The Queens Tea Party *

* Details to follow


Mrs Dawson's email address is:- cdawson@riversideprimaryschool.org.uk

If you would like to contact me or share any photographs please use this email.