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Sports Ambassadors

The children are chosen in the first term of the Academic year by their Class Teachers, they are then provided with a badge to put on their school uniform to show their class  and other teachers  that they are the Sports Ambassador for their class.


A photo is displayed of the Sports Ambassadors in their classroom and in the Main Hall.


The chosen children are  then given a Roles and Responsibilites agreement to sign with the following points to focus on.


  • To be a good role model in PE for the rest of  the class.
  • To help put equipment out in preparation for the PE lessons.
  • To help put equipment away at the end of a lesson.
  • To provide encouragement to others in the class to participate in PE.
  • To coach others  to make improvements in PE.
  • To attend a termly meeting (3 times in the school year) to help make improvements to PE and Sport within the School.
  • To provide suggestions for clubs to give the children in their class a voice
  • To wear the Sports Ambassador badge with Pride  and always help others.


The photos of each of the Sports Ambassadors  are below.


The children who are Sports Ambassadors are listed below :

Maple -

Mulberry - 

Cherry - Khalifa and Julia

Chestnut - Max and Ana Beth

Beech - Alfie and Skylar

Birch - Athalia and Thayne

Oak - Charlie and Ayesha

Olive - Daeley and Sofia

Poplar - Jayden and Harini

Pear - Rameez and Lida

Walnut -  Tony and Ayat

Willow - Arad and Aqsa

Holly - Algar and Nicola

Hawthorn - Madeeha and Oscar