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Girls Football Match against Holyport

This is our  second Girls football match from the league against Holyport, we started off well in the first half and were winning 2-1 but it seemed Holyport upped their game in the second half and we eventually  lost 2-5 in the end but I have to say the girls showed their resilience and didn’t give up, Anum scored the two goals and Umaymah was given player of the match by Holyport! She made some amazing  saves as our Goalie.  They played well as a team and should be proud of their efforts today, we still have 3 more games to play and we have scored in every game so the potential is there and with the helping hands of coaches Amy and Helen, a victory is not far away! 
Well done Haleema,Sumaiya, Anum, Ezzah, Lucie, Umaymah, Fahtima, Vaania and Hafsah!!!!!