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KS2 Invictus Games Festival at Altwood Secondary School

Well done to Sumayyah, Arfa, Cian, Hakima, Erin, Noah, Mohammed, Imran, Joshua and John on their participation in the KS2 Invictus festival that was held at Altwood School this afternoon!  Thank you to Mrs Dirkin for taking them to the festival where they were taught a bit about each game by the Young Leaders at Altwood Secondary School.  They experienced Dangerball, Goalball and New Age Curling and then played mini games against the other schools that were there too.  All children received knowledge of a new game and a certificate for attending and participating.  As ever, our chlidren were amazing and continue to make us proud in all that they do.

Maybe they might like to introduce some of these new games at Riverside!

Well done and thanks to Miss Porter, Mr Cranfield, Mrs Persen and Mrs Dirkin for all of their help in making this happen for our children.