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Year 1 and 2 Pillow Polo Festival at Newland's Secondary School, Thursday 17 October

What a wonderful afternoon at Newland's Secondary School, this was a first festival for some of our children this afternoon and what a credit to the school they really were, Miss Porter and myself were amazed at the excitedness of our children and they looked oh so smart in our new Competition polo shirts, we can literally spot our children wherever we go now as they look so smart...

We started the afternoon off with pushing the balls with the pillow polo sticks to get used to how to hold the sticks, this was a completely new festival for us to go to and the children got stuck into it quickly before they got caught by Olaf! They then went onto another station where they aimed at the goal area and cones and then in the last station they had to weave through the other players who were polar bears.

They then went onto play a game against St Marys and drew 0-0 and then went onto win against Furze Platt Junior School with a winning goal from Corey!!  Well done team.


Well done to Afsar, Emiko, Yusraa, Sahil, Corey, Killian, Abdul Raheem and Rameez, all children will receive a certificate and should be pleased with how they performed in the game situation.