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Afternoon/ Create

Marble Run/Rollercoaster Challenge

Today's task is something you can do with your family and can continue over the weekend too!

The challenge is to get the marble down in the in the longest time.

Watch the clip below and see what other children have done. 

Dooley STEAM Challenge - Paper Rollercoaster Results

Children from lots of year groups attempting the challenge. Grade 3 is the same as our Year 4.

You can use paper, cardboard and cardboard tubes and if you don't have a marble, a bead, rolled up Blutac or even a frozen pea would do!


Watch the other clips below to give you more ideas.

Educational Activities for Kids: Marble Run Challenge

Are you ready to take on a fun STEM challenge? Using simple household materials, we want you to design a marble run that takes a minute to complete - no more...


Good for a few hours of cheap DIY fun with the kids helping to build motor skills and promoting creativity.

Don't forget to take pictures or even a video of what you have done and send it in to me.laugh