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Friday Writing Task

Frank and Jason are Wanted, but they are still carrying out daring robberies. This time it seems is the great train robbery, however, will their greed be the end of them? Watch the film below to see what happens...


Ruckus is a short stylised animation film about two bandit brothers.

There is no dialogue (speaking) in the film. Your task is to:

  • watch it again
  • think about the relationship between the brothers - do they get on/are they rivals?
  • think about what they could be saying to each other

You then need to give them dialogue. You can choose to do this as a play script, including stage directions e.g angrily, loudly, looking scared, etc. 

OR you can write it using all the lovely speech punctuation you have learnt this year. (" , . ? ! "), new speaker new line, try not to use 'said'etc.

It is up to you. wink