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Be Fearless Be Kind Young Ambassadors Training at Hasbro

Wow, yet another privilege to work with such wonderful children from Riverside....What kind, courteous, helpful children and lovely personalities were taken to Stockley Park to Hasbro Head Quarters in the UK  today to undergo some training to four of our Year 5 children, Hanna, Sahil, Charlotte and Eisa to become Empathy leaders for the rest of their time at Riverside and to spread some Kind messages around the school.


This is all part of an initiative led by the Special Olympics GB team and Hasbro Unified Sport and how to get children in primary and secondary schools to spread kindness, courage and hope in the community under a scheme #Unified Rocks.  


Our morning started with seeing some of the secondary pupils being trained up to help the Primary School children  who would be there in the afternoon and a tour of the Head Quarters, our children were amazed by the size of the building and all of the toys on display...

This was followed by lunch which was provided by Hasbro and we were  with the other schools.....this was a hit and let's just say our children made the most of it didn't they Eisa?


After lunch, we went into a meeting room to discuss what Empathy meant and how we could go about sending this message out in the community and applying it into sport and our children had to go around and learn other childrens' names very quickly and also work with some secondary school pupils to come up with their own designs to put on their Rocks, the idea is then to hide it so someone else can find it and spread the word in the community.  So Eisa, Charlotte, Hanna and Sahil have gone home this weekend thinking how they can help spread the word through sport and through our Riverside community and we will meet up next week to give you an update of how they want to go forward.


Thank you to the children for a lovely day, it was a real pleasure to be able to take you and watch what kind and polite children we have who are always great Ambassadors for our school and I hope continue to be so, so please watch this space!!