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Inter House Competition

This week saw the end of some of the PE and Games activities  with an Inter House competition with the children before they change activities after half term.  Falcons, Kites, Kestrels, and Eagles were all trying to get the 20 house points for 1st place, 15 house points for 2nd place, 10 house points for 3rd place and 5 points for 4th place.  The emphasis was for children to enjoy a relaxed competition but also practice the skills they have been learning for the past six weeks.


Year 1 was multi skill based - Kites won for Cherry Class and Falcons won for Chestnut Class

Year 2 was based on throwing, catching and target throwing - Kestrels won for Beech Class and Kestrels won for Birch Class

Year 3 was based on throwing and catching games - Oak and Olive will do their competition on Wednesday,  results are as  follows

Oak Kites came first and Kestrels came first in Olive class

Year 4 was based on hoop and zone ball - Kites in Pear Class were most improved and Eagles won for Poplar Class

Year 5 was based on Tag Rugby - Kestrels won for Walnut Class and Kites and Falcons were joint first for Willow Class

Year 6 was based on Football - results will be shared on Thursday - In year 6, the winning House for Holly was Kestrels.

The children have got stuck into the competition and is another good way to show progress in PE and for the children to be exposed to a bit more competition.  Generally there was a good feeling and wearing the house t shirts made the event even more special.