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Year 1 and 2 Cricket Skills Competition at Desborough College

Wow what an amazing start to the term!

We had our second competition of the year for Year 1 and 2 at Desborough College today and what a great time we had!!!!

The children had four stations that they had to participate in, one was rolling the balls in the other schools area, they then used a bat to control the ball and go to the other side of the sports hall, then they had a game of knocking the wickets over ( which they really enjoyed ) and finally rolling the ball to their partner through the planets.  The winning team was Wessex School but I have to say Mrs Atkins and myself   believe  that Riverside  was a winning team too through their effort and enthusiasm whilst we were there and even on the way back to Riverside when we walked back....

Well done to Rumaysa, Julia, AbdulHadi, Storm, Ryan, Khalid, Abdulbasit, Zaki, Arslan, Miley, Harini and Nitsa, you were truly amazing and a pleasure to take!!  Thank you to parents for their help with lifts to the event and thank you to Mr Weeks for helping with another lift.

We had a lovely afternoon and by the end of the event, we certainly saw an improvement in their rolling and catching skills.  Well done team Riverside!