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Year 1 closed 25/1/22 - 28/1/22 inclusive Online home learning

Dear parents/carers,




Unfortunately, we have had to make the decision to move Year 1’s learning to home learning for the remainder of the week. Therefore, no year 1 pupils must come into school on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. We have had to do this because:


  1. There are a number of staff who work in Year 1 who are currently off with Covid;
  2. There are currently 14 positive Covid cases amongst the Year 1 children (with more out awaiting testing).


The Year 1 children will be taught online (via the Google Classroom) by Mrs Black from tomorrow morning. The Year 1 staff are spending this afternoon preparing the resources that your child will need in order to complete their online learning. Please see the notes below to make the move from classroom to online learning as seamless as possible.



  • Check your child’s resource pack (sent home today) to find their Google login;
  • If your child was not at school today, you can pick up their resource pack from the school’s reception area (this afternoon or tomorrow morning);
  • Log into your child’s Gmail email account and click on the link to the Google Classroom that was sent by Year 1;
  • Once in Google Classroom, click on the link code on the top banner;
  • Classes will begin at 9:30 each morning – please try to log in to your child’s Google Classroom before this. If you have any technical issues with the login in please email year1@riversideprimaryschool.org.uk
  • Children will have phonics, reading and maths lessons online in the morning and the lessons will finish at 12:00;
  • Children will be set tasks to complete independently for the afternoon that they must complete at home;
  • Children must log back in at 2:30 so that they can listen to the story of the day;


This has not been an easy decision for the school to make, but faced with the operational difficulties and positive Covid numbers that we have, we were left with no choice. We appreciate that this is going to be disruptive for our Year 1 families - hopefully it will only be for 4 days. As a school, we will re-evaluate the situation at the weekend and we will text Year 1 parents on Saturday to let them know the decision that we have made for next week.

Yours sincerely,


Richard Daniels