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Year 3 and 4 Girls Football team play Braywick Court School

So so so........

After such an epic weekend for British sport, I wanted to be the first to tell you of our first Year 3 and 4 Girls Football team friendly match against Braywick Court School, we had a fabulous first game and it was the first time that the girls had played together as a team and we had a last minute addition to the team, thank you Lithanya!

The girls had a fabulous game, we had 15 minutes for each half and we had a hat-trick from Hiba and Diya scored too, leaving us with a final score of 4-1!   As goal keeper,Zaina saved some amazing penalties  and attempts at goal, well done to all the girls involved, it was so nice to have support from all the families and I can safely say that their confidence grew throughout the 30 minutes, so thank you to all the families for your support.  Hiba gets a special mention as she was voted by Braywick Court as Player of the match.

Well done to team Riverside, a great way to finish our fixtures this year and a great starting point for November! Laila made a great captain too, thank you.

Well done to Lily, Diya, Laila, Hiba, Zaina, Daania and Lithanya, you should be very pleased with your first match and onwards and upwards for September, make sure you train in the holidays!!