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Year 3 and 4 MegaFest Rugby Festival

Wow what a lovely way to spend a Monday morning with none other than 8 Year 4 children in our First Mega Fest which is a Rugby Festival concentrating on the Values of Rugby which are T R E D S ( which stand for Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship ) which was demonstrated in abundance all morning, the children as ever  made me feel  so proud and had an excellent  attitude throughout the festival.

Although it was not a competitive event as such there were 180 children from local schools taking part in various stations where they learnt to play Rugby Rounders, Rob the Nest, Breakout Tag, Rugby Netball and four games of Tag Rugby, where I have to say the children really improved on with confidence, skill and knowledge!  The children completed 8 stations and were fantastic in each game and station, we had some great trys from Owais, Ismail and Bilal collectively with Oscar, Mustapha, Hiba, Elif  and Ibrahim making great tags to the opposition. 


Well done to the team and it was definitely a team Riverside effort! It was also a first for some of our children to represent the school and I really was proud and it made my heart have a warm fuzzy feeling, we had great support from the parents too so thank you for the lifts to and from the event and the cheering from the sidelines!

One of the staff from another school even asked if he could have one of our players so you can imagine how proud that made me feel too!!

Well done to Elif, Oscar, Hiba, Mustapha, Bilal, Owais, Ibrahim and Ismail, you were a real pleasure to take!