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Year 4 and 5 Football match against Oldfield Primary School

Well done to the Girls Football Team and Mrs Dirkin for all their hard work in the football match against Oldfield Primary School.  Although we didn't score a goal,  we did manage to get the ball got into Oldfield's defending half very equally.  The final score was 1-0 to Oldfield and the girls worked really hard to get it into Oldfield's defending half and were really unlucky as there were certainly a few saves made.  Sara was a fantastic goalie and was named player of the match as she made some super saves throughout both halves. Well done to Charlotte, Maryam, Faith, Diya, Reina, Nicola, Elif and Sara.  We certainly have the potential to get a goal in our next game, even the coaches from Oldfield mentioned how well all the girls played and how even it was....